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EBI’s Workplace Health & Safety Temperature Scanning Kiosks give you control over who enters your facility so you can keep your operations running smoothly. Our no-contact thermal scanners allow you to screen staff and visitors with the CDC-recommended questions regarding COVID-19 exposure and easily measure their body temperature before granting entry. The kiosks can be fully customized with stands, accessories, colors, and logos.


DATA is power

Yes, thermal scanners check people’s temperatures, but they also do much more. With the WHS solution you can:

  • Customize the recommended CDC exposure questions to fit your needs
  • Scan for proper face coverings
  • Save and access all data in our Command Center
  • Simplify entry for your employees with our Mobile App
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    Incredible Accuracy

    Temperature results take less than 3 seconds and are accurate within half a degree.

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    Employee Mobile App

    Employees can use our mobile app to quickly answer questions and self-report temperatures before leaving home.

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    Clear Pass/Fail

    It takes just seconds to grant or deny entry.

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    Command Center

    All data is collected, store, and easily accessible in the WHS Command Center dashboard. This nerve center is a powerful tool for contact tracing should the need ever arise.

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    Works With Your Existing Systems

    Our thermal scanners integrate with your payroll system and can grant entry through Microsoft Active Directory, facial recognition, or your existing badge entry system.

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    Peace of Mind

    Both employees and visitors will feel safer entering your facility knowing you are screening for potential threats.


data of this kindMUST be protected

Never before have employers had to manage such large amounts of medical information. It is imperative that the data you collect never falls into the wrong hands.

  • WHS Thermal Scanners feature SOC 2 compliant data storage.
  • All software developed in the U.S.A.
  • Information is captured, encrypted, and securely housed in our U.S.- based network with 360º data protection.
seeing is

Just how easy is it to quickly scan everyone who enters your facility? Check out our video to see the process in action.


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