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EBI Workplace Health & Safety

EBI Workplace Health & Safety is a health and wellness technology platform focused on keeping the workplace running smoothly while ensuring employees are healthy and complying with best practices to keep everyone safe. The platform serves as a central data repository and analytics engine for data collected through employee mobile health apps, thermal scanners, and contact tracing systems. These analytics give employers the insights they need to make critical business decisions to keep the workplace open and operational. Most importantly, these products give employees the confidence they need to safely return to work.


    Health analytics deliver actionable insights to enable fast, informed decisions that help improve business operations, through any crisis.


    Automated recording of exposure measures time and distance, providing the confidence your employees need to feel safe.


    Save days of interviews and provide instant, accurate measurements, and notification to potentially exposed employees, stemming the spread of illness.


    CDC recommended health questionnaire, thermal temperature scanning and mask verification help keep everyone safe.

about the health of your employees


Command Center

Your company’s health at-a-glance

The Command Center collects all your health data and turns it into actionable insights. Protect your employees. Protect your company. Protect the community.

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Entry Point Scanners
are your first line of defense

Our entry point scanners can give employees a CDC–recommended symptom and exposure focused questionnaire, scan temperature, and confirm a face mask is being worn. Best of all, it does it in under 10 seconds!

  • Highly secure proprietary software
  • Complete remote management through the Command Center
  • ADA compliant
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Comprehensive Command Center manages all devices and data

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DATA SECURITY is our top priority

With all proprietary software written by our team in the U.S., we have the most secure system you'll find anywhere. All our software is hosted domestically and maintained by our own development team, to ensure you and your employees' data stays secure.

  • Cloud-based data is encrypted at rest and in transit to the highest standards.
  • Compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018, FedRAMP, and offers SOC 1, 2, and 3 Reporting.
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Stay Connected

The EBI WHS employee app is available for iPhone or Android and keeps your employees connected. Let employees know instantly if it's safe for them to come to work that day. Questionnaires, self reported temperatures, and instant notifications help you keep your staff up-to-date.

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